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libmceliece is based on the official Classic McEliece software, which was written by Tung Chou. See the following papers for the major algorithms used for speed inside that software: * Daniel J. Bernstein, Tung Chou, Peter Schwabe. "McBits: fast constant-time code-based cryptography." CHES 2013. [https://tungchou.github.io/papers/mcbits.pdf](https://tungchou.github.io/papers/mcbits.pdf) * Tung Chou. "McBits revisited." CHES 2017. [https://tungchou.github.io/papers/mcbits_revisited.pdf](https://tungchou.github.io/papers/mcbits_revisited.pdf) The official Classic McEliece software includes `ref`, `vec`, `sse`, and `avx` implementations; libmceliece includes only `vec` and `avx`. The following components of libmceliece are from Daniel J. Bernstein: * Small [changes](download.html#changelog) for namespacing, portability, etc. * Software to compute control bits (also used in the official software). See the following paper: Daniel J. Bernstein. "Verified fast formulas for control bits for permutation networks." 2020. [https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#controlbits](https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#controlbits) * Infrastructure to build a library with automatic run-time selection of implementations based on the run-time CPU and a database of benchmarks. This infrastructure was introduced in [`lib25519`](https://lib25519.cr.yp.to), with some extensions and adaptations in libmceliece. * Various software for tests and benchmarks. This is based on public-domain code in the SUPERCOP benchmarking framework. * The underlying subroutines `crypto_sort` (based on [https://sorting.cr.yp.to](https://sorting.cr.yp.to)), `crypto_xof/bitwrite16`, and `crypto_xof/shake256/unrollround`. A separate SHAKE256 implementation, `crypto_xof/shake256/tweet`, is based on [https://twitter.com/tweetfips202](https://twitter.com/tweetfips202) by Daniel J. Bernstein, Peter Schwabe, and Gilles Van Assche.