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To download and unpack the latest version of libmceliece: wget -m https://lib.mceliece.org/libmceliece-latest-version.txt version=$(cat lib.mceliece.org/libmceliece-latest-version.txt) wget -m https://lib.mceliece.org/libmceliece-$version.tar.gz tar -xzf lib.mceliece.org/libmceliece-$version.tar.gz cd libmceliece-$version Then [install](install.html). ### Archives and changelog (reverse chronological) {#changelog} [`libmceliece-20240513.tar.gz`](libmceliece-20240513.tar.gz) [browse](libmceliece-20240513.html) Support `valgrind` in `mceliece-test`, with help from `configure`. (Subsequent plans: use variable-length `malloc` for variable-length functions.) Cover `shared` directories for `checkinsns` and `checknamespace`. Sort `ofiles` for reproducibility. Thanks to Jan Mojzis for the suggestion. Hide more symbols in `.so`. MacOS X port: `dylib`; deal with `s` and `S` in `checknamespace`; use `-flat_namespace` so `mceliece-test` can substitute `randombytes`. (Infrastructure copied from lib25519.) Support empty compiler lists. (Infrastructure copied from lib25519.) For compatibility with musl etc., support `constructor` as an alternative to `ifunc` for dispatch. Select `constructor` automatically if an `ifunc` compile-time test fails, or if `--notryifunc` is passed to `./configure`. (Infrastructure copied from lib25519.) Add `note.GNU-stack` to assembly. Recognize `sun4v` as `sparc64`. Port to CPUs that do not allow unaligned access. Revamp `inttypes` support. Make more use of the `inttypes` functions. Factor `crypto_xof/bitwrite16` out of `*/encrypt.c`, and add new `bitwrite16` implementations. Also support `nooverlap` option in `mceliece-test`, and increase `maxtest` for `xof` to 16384. Switch `avx/encrypt.c` from `syndrome_asm` to new `xor_mat_vec256`. Add support functions such as `vec256_8x_shr`. Factor `crypto_sort_int16` out of `vec/encrypt.c`. (Subsequent plans: add faster `crypto_sort/int16` implementations, and switch `avx/encrypt.c` from `int32` to `int16`.) Factor `crypto_sort_int64` out of `pk_gen.c`. Use `crypto_sort_int32` directly without the `int32_sort` renaming. Split `vec128_gf.h` and `vec256_gf.h` out of `vec128.h` and `vec256.h`. Distinguish `vec_mul_gf` from `vec_mul_gf_using_64` to allow more `.h` merging across sizes. In `autogen/speed`, allocate only `mceliece_kem_BYTES` for `T` rather than `mceliece_kem_CIPHERTEXTBYTES`. Switch speed measurements from medians to interquartile means. Add page with examples of current speeds. Add auto-generation warnings for `mceliece*.c`. Add manual pages for `mceliece-test` and `mceliece-speed`. Improve readability of code blocks in HTML. Remove unused `KAT` code segments. Remove unused `bitrev`. Remove unused `perm_check`. Thanks to Simon Josefsson for the suggestion. More explicitly initialize `pivots` to silence an incorrect compiler warning. Thanks to Simon Josefsson for the suggestion. [`libmceliece-20230612.tar.gz`](libmceliece-20230612.tar.gz) [browse](libmceliece-20230612.html) In `*/avx/pk_gen.c`, use merge exchange in `sort_rows()` and slightly reduce the number of lines of `minmax_rows()`. Rename `encrypt()` as `pke_encrypt()`, to more portably avoid name collision with POSIX `encrypt()`. Add more 0-initialization in the `to_bitslicing` functions. This doesn't help a full correctness proof, but it does make it easier to see that undefined data is not used. Thanks to Thom Wiggers for the suggestion. For MacOS portability, move `#include "encrypt.h"` after other inclusions, and change `.hidden` to `.private_extern` (via a new `ASM_HIDDEN`) if `__APPLE__` is defined. Thanks to Thom Wiggers for the suggestions. Specify 32-byte alignment for some arrays passed to `.S` files in the `avx` implementations. The `.S` files use `movdqu` instead of `movdqa`, so they don't need alignment, but the alignment could avoid warnings from a compiler that checks for potentially inadequate alignment. Thanks to Thom Wiggers for the suggestion. Remove an unused pointer increment at the end of `benes.c`. Thanks to Thom Wiggers for the suggestion. Add various `linker` lines in `.c` files and `.S` files; split `operations.c` into `kem_{keypair,enc,dec}.c` and `wrap_{keypair,enc,dec}.c`; and split big constant arrays from `fft.c`, `fft_tr.c` into separate `shared-*.c` files. The `linker` lines trigger an infrastructure mechanism to unify compiled code across implementations, reducing `.so` size; the splits improve the effectiveness of this mechanism, and reduce the amount of code linked into programs that use only one or two of `{keypair,enc,dec}`. Further changes to the infrastructure may remove the need for `wrap*.c`. Add `const` to prototypes for input pointers for some functions. More can be done here. Change prototypes from `*` and `[]` to, e.g., `[GFBITS]` when necessary to eliminate compiler warnings. Move `gf_mul2` to `crypto_kem/6688128/avx/gf.h` from `gf.c`. Consistently define `nBlocksI` as a macro rather than a const. This is a step towards portability to compilers that fail to support C99. Extend information in `architectures` files. This supports libmceliece's run-time selection of implementations. Switch from `CRYPTO_NAMESPACE` to `CRYPTO_SHARED_NAMESPACE` for symbols defined in `.S` files. Rename `crypto_hash.h` as `hash.h`, and rewrite `hash.h` as a wrapper around `crypto_xof_shake256()`. Switch `keypair` return value to `void`. Remove `namespacing` files, `goal-*` files, and `api.h`. Rename `kem/mceliece*` as `kem/*`. Starting point: `vec` and `avx` implementations from official round-4 software release (in `supercop-20221025`), plus `crypto_sort/int32` and `crypto_xof/shake256`, plus infrastructure based on lib25519 infrastructure.