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### NAME mceliece - command-line interface for the libmceliece implementation of the Classic McEliece cryptosystem ### SYNOPSIS Key generation (for, e.g., `mceliece6960119`): mceliece6960119-keypair 5>publickey 9>secretkey Encapsulation (for, e.g., `mceliece6960119`): mceliece6960119-enc >ciphertext 7>sessionkey 4<publickey Decapsulation (for, e.g., `mceliece6960119`): mceliece6960119-dec 7>sessionkey <ciphertext 8<secretkey ### DESCRIPTION libmceliece is an implementation of the [Classic McEliece](https://classic.mceliece.org) cryptosystem. The command-line interface for libmceliece provides the following command-line tools: mceliece{6960119,6688128,8192128,460896,348864}-keypair mceliece{6960119,6688128,8192128,460896,348864}f-keypair mceliece{6960119,6688128,8192128,460896,348864}-enc mceliece{6960119,6688128,8192128,460896,348864}-dec Each tool exits 0 on success, nonzero on failure. These tools allow libmceliece to be easily used from shell scripts. Other languages can also use libmceliece via these tools, but languages typically have good support for FFI and can use the C interface directly. The details below use `mceliece6960119` as an example. ### KEY GENERATION Alice runs the `mceliece6960119-keypair` command. This command randomly generates Alice's secret key and Alice's corresponding public key. It writes the public key to file descriptor 5, and then writes the secret key to file descriptor 9. The `mceliece6960119f-keypair` command is internally more complicated than the `mceliece6960119-keypair` command but provides faster key generation. The commands are interoperable. ### ENCAPSULATION Bob runs the `mceliece6960119-enc` command. This command reads Alice's public key from file descriptor 4. It randomly generates a ciphertext and the corresponding session key. It writes the ciphertext to stdout, and then writes the session key to file descriptor 7. ### DECAPSULATION Alice runs the `mceliece6960119-dec` command. This command reads Alice's secret key from file descriptor 8, and then reads a ciphertext from stdin. It computes the corresponding session key, which it writes to file descriptor 7. ### SEE ALSO **mceliece**(3)